Hi, there!

I‘m Rui Xu(徐瑞), a final-year master student at the Interdisciplinary Research Center (IRC) of Shandong University, under the tutelage of Prof. Changhe Tu , Prof. Shiqing Xin and Prof. Mingyan Jiang. My research interests are computer graphics, computational geometry, point cloud reconstruction and geometric modeling. Currently, I am interning at Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA). And I am joining The University of Hong Kong as a Ph.D. student supervised by Prof. Wenping Wang and Prof. Taku Komura.

News and Updates

03/2024. Two papers conditionally accepted to SIGGRAPH 2024.07/2023. We got the ACM SIGGRAPH 2023 Technical Papers Best Paper Award!!!08/2023. Two papers accepted to SIGGRAPH Asia 2023.03/2023. One paper accepted to SIGGRAPH 2023.08/2022. Two papers accepted to SIGGRAPH Asia 2022.10/2022. Started Internship at Tencent IEG.09/2021. Started Master‘s degree at Shandong University.06/2020. Started Internship at Alibaba Antgroup.02/2020. One paper accepted to EUROGRAPHICS 2022.

Research Experience and Arrangements



  • Aug. 2023: Invited Talk for TechBeat(将门). RFEPS and GCNO
  • Jul. 2023: Invited Talk for Synced Review(机器之心). RFEPS and GCNO
  • Jul. 2023: Invited Talk for Shanghai AI lab. RFEPS and GCNO.
  • Jul. 2023: Invited Talk for HIT (weihai). RFEPS and GCNO.
  • Aug. 2022: Invited Talk at GDC 2022. RFEPS.